Fred Lerdahl, Vol. 4 (May 14, 2013)

Fred Lerdahl (b. 1943) is the Fritz Reiner Professor of Composition at Columbia University. Happily, he looks a lot nicer than Fritz Reiner and his music is a lot more modern than most of Reiner’s repertoire. This disc is summarily titled Vol. 4 of his music, with three previous issues on Bridge (Vol. 1, 9191; Vol. 2, 9269; and Vol. 3, 9352).

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This is most decidedly modern music in the classic (post-Schoenbergian) sense of the term, yet it is highly original and contains a great deal of wit. Recommended.

Lerdahl / Boston Symphony Chamber Players / Epstein
Composer:  Fred Lerdahl
Performer:  Mirka Viitala,  Bethany Beardslee
Conductor:  Scott Yoo,  Michel Galante,  David Epstein
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Odense Symphony Orchestra,  Argento Chamber Ensemble,  Boston Symphony Chamber Players

1. Spirals by Fred Lerdahl
Conductor:  Scott Yoo
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Odense Symphony Orchestra
Written: 2006
2. Diatonic Studies by Fred Lerdahl
Performer:  Mirka Viitala (Piano)
Written: 2004-2009
3. Imbrications by Fred Lerdahl
Conductor:  Michel Galante
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Argento Chamber Ensemble
Written: 2001
4. Wake by Fred Lerdahl
Performer:  Bethany Beardslee (Soprano)
Conductor:  David Epstein
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Boston Symphony Chamber Players
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1967-1968; USA
5. Fantasy Etudes by Fred Lerdahl
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Eighth Blackbird
Period: 20th Century
Written: 1985; USA